North York Family Health Team Virtual Patient Advisory Collaborative (VPAC)

Terms of Reference


The North York Family Health Team’s (NYFHT) Virtual Patient Advisory Collaborative (VPAC) is an informal volunteer group of individuals who are consulted on various matters that involve improving patient experiences in our FHT. 


10-20 NYFHT patients (and/or family care providers).  


To the NYFHT Executive Director.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Participate in an introductory orientation session 
  • Contribute ideas and suggestions that will enhance patients’ involvement in health service planning and decision-making 
  • Participate in virtual communications (e.g. email) as requested
  • Participate in and attend virtual or in-person meetings/teleconferences 
  • Tell their story and share their point of view, but be able to objectively listen to and appreciate the views of others
  • Assist in developing/evaluating new NYFHT programs/services by bringing patient and family perspectives
  • Provide input into patient education materials
  • Participate in committees as needed 
  • Participate in developing patient experience strategies and/or activities 
  • Assist in improving the quality of health services provided

Characteristics of a Successful Advisor

  • Comfortable with using computers, internet and email communications
  • Confident in speaking and interacting with others in a group-based setting 
  • Ability to use their personal experiences constructively
  • Ability to see beyond their own experience
  • Demonstrate a non-judgmental and positive attitude
  • Work collaboratively with other families and healthcare providers
  • Respectful of others and their perspectives