Registered Nurses

Our primary care Registered Nurses (RNs) provide nursing services in your Family Physician(s)’ clinic within the North York Family Health Team. Your RN works together with Physicians and other health professionals, such as Dietitians, Social Workers and Pharmacists, to provide quality care and to help you achieve your best possible health. 

Our RNs provide patient and family centered care focusing on chronic disease management, disease prevention, health promotion and care coordination, which includes:

  • Health education on a variety of issues such as blood pressure, cholesterol and osteoporosis
  • Diabetes counselling
  • Counselling for chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure 
  • Well baby/child counselling 
  • Smoking cessation counselling 
  • Immunization counselling
  • Diagnostic test result review and counselling 
  • Cancer screening
  • Screening for depression and anxiety 
  • Falls risk screening
  • Cognitive testing
  • Wound care: staple and suture removal
  • Administration of the flu vaccine/coordination of office flu clinics