Sun 29 Mar 2020

Vision and Mission

The North York Family Health Team (NYFHT) is composed of a multidisciplinary team of Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Registered Dietitians, Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists and over 70 Family Physicians. There are approximately 69,000 patients with the FHT Family Physicians.


Enhance primary healthcare, interdisciplinary learning, and clinical research to improve the health of North York Family Health Team's diverse patient population.


To provide accessible, patient-focused, and family-centred primary healthcare through an interdisciplinary team committed to transforming health knowledge into best practices.


Patient and Family Centred Care - Teamwork - Continuous Learning - Communication


The NYFHT is committed to maintaining a culture of mutual respect, accountability, confidentiality and collaboration. The NYFHT will make a determined effort to ensure effective communication and build positive relationships with patients, staff and partners.
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